HIDAKA YOOKOO ENTERPRISES CO.,LTD., a commercial company  running business of auction, purchase, retail selling and wholesale unuseful industrial materials and products. Including scrap metal and non-metallic such as steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastic wastepaper, etc. and also import- export  those materials to Japan and Indonesia.  Nowadays, there are more than 450 officers, 160 million authorized capital, 6 branch offices and more than 150 vehicles. We are ready to give you efficient services.
Aluminum Scrap Stainless Scrap Brass Scrap Metal Scrap Copper Scrap Other Scrap
Transportation Service Section
There are more than 150 vehicles which ready to give you a completely efficient services.
We provide extra service vehicles to give customers’ facilities which made us difference. The pickup parts of the vehicles are able to be separated and leaved them for the customers to fill in the materials.
Scale System
Our scale system is certified of standard trusty by the ministry of Commercial.
GPS System
We have GPS system to monitor the trucks’ routes. So the customers can trust our honest convenient and safety services.